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Hykie Berg is an award-winning actor, speaker and entrepreneur and is currently seen on Kyknet’s daily drama, Binnelanders. He was also the winner of Survivor Maldives 2011 and have written two best seller books “Hykie Berg-My Storie van Hoop”/ “Hykie Berg-The Ultimate Survivor” as well as “ADHD-Die Onsigbare Oorlog” that deals with his own personal struggle with addiction, mental illness, and his process towards recovery. He was awarded the 2021 Andrew Murray /Desmond Tutu prize for outstanding literature.

He is one of the most requested speakers in South Africa as he shares his message of hope, purpose, faith, and leadership.

Hykie and his wife Gerridene are fiery entrepreneurs and their heart and passion lie in empowering individuals who are interested in transforming their lives through faith, leadership, business principles and the desire to make a difference.

He is the ambassador of TOM-The Ordinary Millionaire as well as Creative Kidz, an educational institution that offers remedial support for children with learning barriers. He is proud to be serving as part of the preaching team at Centre Church in Olivedale Johannesburg.

“I am a recovering addict. The disease of addiction has afflicted my family and I ever since I can remember. At the height of my success,   I again lost everything, including nearly my life. From the drug dens in Hillbrow to a maximum-security cell in Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, my story and the story of many others is visible proof that God’s grace can change people in ways that few words can describe.

I stand for HOPE. Hope that you will discover the extraordinary miracle within that will catapult your life into something greater and meaningful. Everyone is searching for hope, everyone is striving to lead a better life. We are all driven by a desire for personal freedom-freedom from the things that are keeping us stuck.

Taking responsibility for our lives and our choices aren’t easy. Many painful things happen to us in our lives that we don’t deserve. We are scarred spiritually, physically, and emotionally. But WE are responsible for our own healing and in turn our own destinies. It is our choices and how we respond to the curve balls of life that determine where and how we end up. When people become aware of their divine greatness and untapped potential and learn how to take responsibility for their lives, they move towards a place of purposeful and passionate existence.


Life will take on a new meaning.


Anyone can change and better their lives. Life is hard and tough, yet it is in our pain that we discover our true calling. Many people blame their past, circumstances, people and things and refuse to accept responsibility for their own brokenness. Their lives turn into a monotonous journey towards a joyless life of their choosing. Remember, whatever you don’t change, you choose.

I love stories of people overcoming challenges and seemingly hopeless situations. It inspires me and gives me hope. But overcoming requires courage and determination; it demands radical surrender and sacrifice. Changing habits and behaviour isn’t easy. Venturing out of our comfort zones is incredibly difficult to do. But if I and millions of others could do it, then you can too! I feel humbled in the knowing that I play a small part in God’s greater plan for humanity. I can bring a little hope to those who have a need for urgent change and who desire to make a remarkable difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Something better is waiting for you-something much better than you have ever known. Its time to be courageous and rise! The world needs you to play your part. Be brave and take the first step. You can live fearlessly forward, if you choose it.”




FAITH: My faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. I am so sure and certain of it I will stake my life on it a million times. God is the starting point of my life; He is the source of it. It’s a fundamental part of my life. Without my faith I am like chaff in the wind. Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. And without meaning, life has no significance or hope. The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose. Having faith along with a positive outlook on life helps me to motivate and encourage the people around me to do the same. I build my life on His eternal truths, not pop psychology, success motivation or good stories. True success is the continuing achievement of becoming the person God wants you to be and the progressive accomplishment of the goals God has helped you to set.

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